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Matt Rannamets
Snowdon 500 organiser

Having lived with Advanced Prostate Cancer for the best part of 12 years I am conscious that my continued survival is due painstaking research carried out by Organisations and Charities such as the Prostate Cancer Research Centre.

It´s daunting to know that as many as one in 3 of us will develop cancer during our lifetime so my message this year is to "SAY NO TO PROSTATE CANCER" and help us find improved treatments that will support men with Prostate Cancer and ultimately find a cure for this killer disease.

You can help today by signing up to take part in the Snowdon 500 Challenge or the Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge. You will have a fantastic mountain experience and gain huge personal satisfaction knowing that the sponsorship funds you raise will make an important contribution to the work of the Prostate Cancer Research Centre.

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What it's all aboutWhat it´s all About

In the UK more than 30,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer annually and around 10,000 men die of this terrible disease − on average that´s at least one death every hour on every day. It´s because prostate cancer affects so many men and their families / friends that we organise the Snowdon 500 & Welsh 3 Peaks Challenges as a way of making more people aware of this killer disease and to raise the funds that are essential to support the research being carried out to find ways of improving the treatment of this killer disease and ultimately to find a cure.

Click here to learn more about the work of PCRC.

PCRC Take forward a Major New Research Programme

In November 2014 PCRC teamed up with Kings College London and will fund a 5 year programme to design a new form of therapy to boost the immune system in prostate cancer patients. The new technology is designed to target and attach specifically to prostate cancer cells and stimulate the patient´s immune system. Because these molecules will only attach to prostate cancer cells, they won´t cause toxic side effects in other parts of the body. Over the next 5 years the team based at Kings College London will design a range of immune therapy based on this new technology and it is hoped that the research will go from the laboratory to the bedside to treat patients with prostate cancer.

This new partnership is an exciting development and funds raised by The Snowdon 500 Challenge and the Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge will play an important part in taking this work forward to a successful conclusion, providing new hope for men suffering from prostate cancer.

Supporting the Snowdon 500 and Welsh 3 peaks challenges.

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